TDSimplexNoise built in glsl

When writing a glsl material, are there any controls for the built-in noise function TDSimplexNoise like we have in a glsl top or chop? (period, harmonics, exponent, etc.)

I should probably rather use a 2D sampler and reference a top…

Not to derail your actual question, but a pixel sample is generally faster than the complex math for a good noise function (on the GPU)

Like bwheaton says it’s definitely faster to ‘prebake’ the noise, but might not always be easy when prototyping. The noise you see in a noiseTOP is a ‘fbm’ (fractional brownian motion) version, which mean there are more iterations of noise with different frequencies and amplitudes. You can do a similar approach by creating your noise in a for loop.

Something like this:

out vec4 fragColor;
void main()
	vec2 uv =*2.-1.;

	float period = 1;
	int harmonics = 3;
	float spread = 2.;
	float gain = 0.7;
	float exponent = 1.;
	float frequency = 1./period;

	float offset = 0.5;
	float amplitude = 0.5;
	float noise = 0;
	for (int i = 0; i < harmonics; i++) {
		noise += TDSimplexNoise(uv * frequency) * amplitude;
		frequency *= spread;
		amplitude *= gain;
	noise = sign(noise)*pow(abs(noise), exponent);
	noise += offset;

	vec4 color = vec4(noise);
	fragColor = TDOutputSwizzle(color);

Period = 1/frequency (frequency is the scalar of the input of TDSimplexNoise(frequency * uv))
Harmonics = amount of iterations of noise
Harmonic spread = how much the frequency changes per iteration (scalar of the frequency)
Harmonic gain = how much the amplitude changes per iterations (scalar of the amplitude)
Exponent = takes the noise to a certain power (noise^exponent, when 2 this is a square, 0.5 a squareroot)
amplitude = the initial amplitude (first iteration)
offset = added to the noise

(note my ugly sign() abs() trick with the exponent power. I did this since pow(-x, a) gave me NaNs)

Hope this helps.


I thought so too, I will just sample a noise TOP as usual, it already has all the options so no need to remake the wheel. Thank you for replying :slight_smile: