TDSynchro basic usage

Hey everyone!

I’m trying to use the TDSynchro palette components but there is not much information or examples about it, just the official guide. Does anyone knows the correct use of those components?

My first approach is like this:

Server side:

Movie is tied to timeline and ignore the errors, those are the PRO license errors for Syncin/out (I’m using UDP)

Client side:

I don’t know if I’m missing something.

Another question is if I need to turn off the realtime flag in the client side when using the Sync parameter (I suppose I need to do that since it uses the SyncIn/Out CHOPs)


Can u screen grab what the error says? Middle click on the error node for the info popup.

Those are the errors saying that I need a PRO license to use the SyncCHOPs (I don’t have a PRO license at home, just at the office).

My question is more like if that is a correct approach about sending the frame or if I am missing something


Here is the screenshot

Your network looks correct to me. Yes turn off client side realtime flag if using Sync chop version. Turn realtime flag on for UDP version.

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Perfect!, Thanks!