Techniques for making a quadtree? (Random, sub-divided grid?)

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Do you have an idea about how one would create a sub-divided grid like the one in the image? Or do happen to know a tutorial or resource that shows how to create them?

To do this mathematically, my guess would be GLSL (which unless you’re comfortable with learning, can be a steep learning curve). On the “OP only” side, it would be a bit more difficult to accomplish this in any procedural capacity…look into the Immersive and Interactive HQ tutorials, they might have something in this space. Paketa12 might also, as he’s always doing everything in TOPs. Hope one of those spaces helps!

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You can do it with nested Null COMPs. Each Null COMP would have four children. Each child is 0.5 scale and translated into the right quadrant. You can randomly decide to render or not render a child.

This is called a quadtree. If you intend to use it as a data structure , you will find some python libs for that .

If you are interested in the Visual aspect , maybe this will be helpful

If you need it in SOPs I you can do it like this
subdivide.tox (1.7 KB)

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Wow incredible! Thank you @Achim

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Hm… I’m thinking of using this technique with instancing in a Geo, but I see that all my instances are the same size. Is there a clever way to measure the size of each subdivided square and use that to scale individual instances?