test pattern generator

Hey everyone. Just wanted to share a small component I’ve been working on.
Plugin allows you to generate test screens of different resolutions and also have a few handy adjustable parameters.
The component is very helpful in case of multi-projection setups and saved me a ton of time.
pGen.tox (28.4 KB)

Oh hey I was just going to make some basic grid and then just before I get started I come across your component. Thanks!

Cool! Spasibo!)

Thanks for sharing this patch. :ugeek:

Since this is the first Google result for “TouchDesigner test pattern generator”, I end up here a lot. And I finally fixed a little bug in this tox

In pGen/numbers_generator/container1/over1, tx should be something like the following equation

(me.parent().digits * 2 - 17) * (op(‘constant1’).width / (2*(op(‘…/table1’).numRows-1)))

This is so the numbers get re-generated in he correct place when you change the output resolution.

Here’s a version with the fix.
pGen.tox (29.9 KB)

Hi @jeffcrouse,

just fyi, since the last few releases there is also a testGrid component in the Palette>Tools section.