Test Toe to compare system speeds?

Is there a Test-Toe for us Touch users to compare system speeds with Touch?
If so, where can I find it? If not, it would be a grand if someone made one… don’t cha think?
It’s kind of beyond my current skills, or else I would do it.


A dedicated standalong tester would be good.

For now, Mixxa is a very good way to test system performance:

You can ratchet up and down the load on the graphics card by upping the compositing resolution in the Setup window, while watching the frames per second.

It also shows you the CPU and GPU memory consumed as this is happening.

It’s doing 4 movie reads at a time, although the defaults are low-res and not not always playing full-speed. But you can push the disks harder with other movies.

Mixxa is a good reflection of the benefits of multi-processors. With one CPU, it’s OK, with two CPUs it can handle the multi-Quicktime reading noted above (which occurs in a separate thread).

But with 4 CPUs, you get more consistently high frame rates, especially when your movies have audio and you are mixing and outputting up to 4 audio sources (in QuickTimes) at a time (outputting occurs in a separate thread I think). The default Mixxa.15500.toe mixes and outputs 4 channels of silence.

The new Mixxa.15500.toe runs at 61 frames per second on my 4-proc 8800 GTS. Anything above 25 fps would be OK for Mixxa.