Text COMP F-string formatting inconsistency using replicator

2022.33600 Win11

  1. Create a Text COMP with the following Custom Format: {me.digits}\t{me.digits+1}\t{me.digits+2}. This evaluates correctly.

  2. Use this as the Master OP in a Replicator.

  3. For the replicants I there is no text, or an error (for example if un- and re-enabling cooking on them): SyntaxError: f-string: Unmatched '('

4+. To circumvent this error add the following line to the replicator callbacks:
run("me.par.formatcodes=1", fromOP=c, endFrame = True)

5+. In fact changing any parameter in the replicant Text COMPs fixes the issue, so it’s not about the Formatting Codes being on.

Tried to replicate this but couldn’t see the bug. Let me know if you see it with this file. If no, post an example that shows the bug, please

replicatext.toe (4.6 KB)

Update: I can see it happening. Requires some other state to change before the bug happens. Not sure what that is yet, but will research and get this in the bug queue.

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This turned out to be a problem with “me” not being setup properly when the textCOMP starts up. Will be fixed in upcoming experimental. Unfortunately your workaround is what’s necessary to update the text for now.

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