Text formatting inside Text TOP using tags?

With the Text TOP it would be really useful to use tags inside text strings for bold, underlined, relatively larger, smaller, colour etc.

I realise that is possible with Web Render TOP - but then you lose useful functionality from the Text TOP.

It’s a feature I would use, at least!

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Markdown support in the text top would be great!


+1 for markdown or restructured text… someway to add inline emphasis would be very useful

I would love basic html tag support:


I am working on a subtitle motor and markdown would be perfect !

Markdown support is on our internal wishlist, but we’ve got some infrastructure work to do with multiple font support first to allow for bold and italics in the same text block.

As you probably know, we do have the formatting directives available in the Text COMP and Geo Text COMP that allow color, underlines, size changes, etc

As I am working on subtitles TOX, formatting directives doens’t work.
Waiting for markdown.

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