Text sprite sheet for dynamic text typing

Hi there,

I have a question about a sprite sheet transfer to dynamic text typing in.

First, I crop 0 to 9 numbers for typing text but cannot find any solution for combine all of the text to one column.


Should I using GLSL or any operater?


For aligning things in rows, columns or grids, have a look at the Layout TOP

But I think this is not necessarily what you are asking. I think you might be looking for a solution as described in this tutorial here:

The idea is that all the characters are read into a 2DTexture array and then accessed depending on which character is needed. GEnerally for each character a rectangle is rendered and the correct textureslize from the 2DTexture array is assigned.

The repository also has an instructions file.

Hope this helps a bit

Actually the Layout TOP would work - especially for your example were only numbers are used:

The trick is to create a reference to the needed TOPs for the Layout TOP’s TOP parameter. So for this example I created a little DAT branch that takes a number, splits it into it’s digits and prepends a string, in the end resulting in the names of the Text TOPs I use for my numbers.

numbers.tox (814 Bytes)

It’s created with a slightly newer version of TouchDesigner but this shouldn’t be a problem…


Thanks a lot!!!

do some studying first.