Text to Speech from Text TOP


I have an art project I am working on, where I have a text top reading a table, and displaying the text on a projector. I would love the option to have a voice read out loud whatever text is in the text top. Is this possible in Touch?

Appreciate the help in advance!

Hi @clintonva32,

check out the work from @tblankensmith here:

might be exactly what you are looking for?


Hey! Thanks for the reply. I’m actually looking for text to speech not speech to text.

Appreciate it though!

I made this one a while ago

Hi @alphamoonbase ,

Thanks so much for this!

Unfortunately, I am getting error message for the audio file. Here’s a screenshot, I’m sure I’m doing something wrong.

Thanks in advance!

Hmm, have you tried putting the tox in your project.toe that is not located in downloads? Might be trying to create the folder there without being allowed or something similiar.

Hi! Thanks so much for the quick response. Yes. I just tried that and still same error.
Here’s the new one if this helps…

I did a quick test and it works on my site. Hmm.
Which TD Version, OS are you using?

Ah, one sec. Do you maybe anyway get a soundoutput? Have you connected the output to a audioDeviceOut?

Running the newest version of Touch on OS Ventura. Yeah, I connected the out to an audioDeviceOut, and the error is in the audiofileIn chop.

This seems to be an issue with MacOS. Nothing I can attack directly atm, so sorry for not being able to help here :frowning:

no worries, thanks for getting back to me!

Hey! I have the same exact ¨File not found¨ error with @clintonva32 and I’m on a Windows desktop… Is there any update or idea on what might be the problem?

Which TD version are you on?
I will check with a later version then the initital development.

Thanks for replying, I’m on TD Build 2022.32050.

Are you sing any external TTS feature at the moment? If not, you try incorporating a text to speech AI software in this project or customize a low-code one from an open-source public repository