Text TOP issues

Hi all. Don’t know if im doing something wrong or if this is a bug. Im using 2020 22080 and I can’t seem to resize the text above 10points… attached is an image what is happening… any thoughts ?

On some macOS GPUs Display Method = Polygon does not work correctly. When using the default ‘Automatic’ then polygon mode is used for sizes over 10. If you change the Display Method = Bitmap, it will work.

I recommend you update to the newly posted 2020.24520 build, there are lots of fixes you should be working with, including we change the default in the Text TOP to use Bitmap all the time now, too many Macs out there with this GPU bug.

Hi Ben, thanks so much for taking the time to reply. Ah I see. Ok I will update, maybe it’s time to ditch the MacBook after all.

Thanks again


Just a little bug, bitmap fonts work well anyways.

In the coming months we’ll also be releasing a new text rendering solution across the board that should give some great new features, Windows/macOS the same.

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