Texture 3D TOP cache behavior

Hi, I saw that this is the default cache behavior for the Texture 3D TOP:

“The Texture 3D TOP replaces one slice of its 3D data with its input every frame. When it has filled up all of its slices it wraps around and starts overwriting the oldest slice.”

What I’d like it to do is: when the cache is full, remove the oldest slice to make space so the newest slice is appended.

I’m basically interested in getting a moving window of the last N frames of video device input that can be accessed as a sampler3D in a GLSL TOP.

That’s what the Texture 3D already does. Since moving all of the frames around is very expensive, the location of the ‘newest’ frame isn’t going to be at W=0, but instead at a ‘depthOffset’ value given to you in the TDTexInfo struct for that input in the GLSL TOP

Thanks, that makes sense!