Texture Bombing Problem

Hi guys

I’ve been doing some test on Texture Bombing technique with GLSL Top. So far it works as expected(bom parameter set to 0) except when I switch the whole frame to a portion of the frame(bom parameter set to 1), the images below show my problem.

I couldn’t find where is the problem, so I post my project file here hoping someone would fix it.

what I want is when bom parameter set to 1, the content within each cell will hold as it moves across the boundary. Switching the bom parameter, you will see what I mean.
split.2.toe (4.81 KB)

No one interested?

Cool patch , very usefull, unfortunately I cannot help to fix it. (medium rare on the GLSL)

If it worked we could probably use this to swaping parts of projection a bit like in aphextwin’s live set visuals; in the middle of a song the projection zones swap places and it looks incredible.
Good luck! I’m following

Not sure if this is exactly what you want, but I wrote this in my way:

split.bloom.toe (4.93 KB)

Wow, thank you Yeataro, this `works perfect.

I will take that as a model to try more experiments
So the idea, ideal if we had 4k resolution(I will still try with low res).
If you take that shader and send it to stoner for the 3d mapping split screen between lets say 4 projectors then you are able to press a button and reshuffle the 4 projections zones, ideally they reshuffle in a new order.

a bit Like the puzzle you can find in Palette/ techniques/ puzzle, I’ll try to combine both somehow.

have a good day!
good tekno in Taipey youtube.com/watch?v=tZMd1TGYom0
lol actually I think the toto is Italian.