The anatomy of a project file

What I really miss in the docs is like an anatomy of a plain TD project. Maybe there is something you can point me to?
If we open a plain file, there is so much going on that we could modify or at least understand in all these containers…

What do you mean by a “plain TD file”? Are you talking about the UI and interface? Or as in how people lay out their projects?

Sorry, that was a bit vague indeed.
What I actually mean is we open a new file and get our nice flower. I we zoom out we see our project container, a perform container, the local container, a ui container and the sys container.
In there is also a lot as you know.
Some parts of these are quite transparent, others aren’t.
I’d be really interested in the potential there, what we can do with it, what we rather should leave alone and if there is documentation about it somewhere.