The GeoPix LED Pixel Mapper - Full Software Release!

Hey everyone, I wanted to make a post about GeoPix, a piece of software dedicated purely to LED Pixel Mapping and VJ’ing, with a large amount of flexibility through some of it’s other tools. I’ve been developing GeoPix for the last year on and off and been experimenting with leds and pixel mapping for twice that.

GeoPix is currently available as a full piece of software but as an Open Beta. I would love to trade a few activation codes for some larger scale beta testers and feedback! PM me if interested. Or better yet get in touch through the Enviral Design Facebook

In it’s inactivated state, GeoPix is still fully functional, the outputs to led’s will go dark for 30 seconds every 3 minutes, that is the only limitation.

Download GeoPix, see the full Getting Started Guide here:

See the entire video tutorial series for it here:

The GeoPix Lighting Solution : From A to Z (YouTube)

VJ’ing with GeoPix : LED Pixel Mapped Arch (YouTube)

Panel Editor:

PixelMap Editor:

SmartClip Editor:

3D Visualizer:

Performer Mode / VJ Mode:

OSC / MIDI Drag and drop Mapping:



Activation and Update Manager:

The network is unfortunately locked! I am all about sharing but this represents over a years work and is a core component in a line of products for Enviral Design (my business) , the rest being compatible lighting hardware like modular led panels and pixel control boxes. Products that will hopefully get my business off the ground this summer :smiley:

If there is anything specific you would like to see though I’d happily provide some generalized examples of specific areas.

GeoPix currently has support for the following protocols:

  1. Art-Net
  2. OPC (Open Pixel Control)
  3. Serial over USB

The above protocols are supported through presets for the following specific devices:

  1. Pixlite 4
  2. Pixlite 16 (untested)
  3. Beaglebone + RGB-123 + LedScape
  4. Teensy 3.1

I will add support for as many other specific devices as I can, this is one of my biggest goals during this beta period is to add to the pool of supported devices and protocols.

Let me know what else you want to see!

Thank you Derivative, I am not a native programmer and I could not have achieved this with out your amazing software platform, and a massive thanks to everyone in the Touch Designer Community who shares and responds so much!

wow lucas, congrats on your productlaunch!
Very happy to see a full-fledged stand-alone paid product coming out of our TD scene. Looks like you spend a lot of blood, sweat and tears in the last months into finishing it do the detail, my compliments! Will try it out, really hope for you it takes off!

ps it seems the link on your site to buy an unlock key gives a 404: [removed link as it is fixed now] , maybe you should put a nice launching soon message there

@ nettoyeur
Thank you! Ah I meant to disable the store link and product for the moment - so that’s fixed now.
It has been a long time coming, looking forward to see what people do with it. :slight_smile:

very cool. i read your guide about LED control using a Teensy over serial, and that it will bottleneck eventually. If you connected the Teensy wirelessly, would you be able to transmit more data until hitting that bottleneck point? I’m assuming yes, due to my experience with USB DMX controllers vs. artnet.

Nice! Funny, was talking to someone about something similar that is coming out from Enttec, nice to see a touch version. I didn’t get a chance to read the spec, does it support Spout in?

@ why

I think with usb 3.0 and a multi-tt hub you’ll get better and certainly smoother/more consistent throughput from usb/serial using the teensy 3.1 but I haven’t tested this vs wireless so I can’t say for sure.

If you use an adapter with the teensy which receives Art-Net or something comparable over wireless setup you can use the pixlite 16 profile in GeoPix and adjust strips / led counts as necessary.

@ elburz

Thanks! Yeah, I just recently downloaded a copy to try out, it’s pretty nice. There is certainly some cross over, Enttec’s mapper is all about spline mapping which is neat, it has great scheduling capabilities but lacks IMO in the performance / VJ sense which may not have been their focus.

Yup, GeoPix supports Spout IN. Smart Clips can be saved with regular video loops OR an alternate Spout input name instead. I lack the necessary hardware to test other forms of video inputs but I hope to add more types soon.

Sweet, I’ll have to take it for a spin soon! Congrats!

Glad to hear it - Would love to hear some of your feedback if you end up giving it a go! :smiley:

Hi Lucas,

How much is a license and where can we buy it from?

Thank you.

Hey Lucas, this looks great.

Is this a standalone product? Or do we need to have TD installed first and licensed before buying Geopix?