The Holy Grail - 2021-12-01 10:12

The Holy Grail

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Yes this is something that will be really interesting.

Making light shows that fire from the “live” music, be that just drums and/or keys or the whole band has always been something I am interested in.

I imagine songs that have strong dynamics where the lighting could play itself, Marillion “Neverland” is one.

Just having a listen to Marillion “Neverland”. Had not come across it before. Yes I see what you mean - or I hear it!!

Hi I am still playing with midi and colors. Do you have any files you can share with me regarding your color mapping and how to use it? Also my midi controller is stolen by touchdesigner so I cannot use it in my vst host now. I have no sound now :frowning: - I use Unify VSt host.


I am pretty much at the beginner level and have only just started working out colour and position mapping, but am not happy enough with the results at the moment. The graphics I produced in the original post were created in photoshop as a step towards assigning colours to notes. Not sure how to upload pdf’s or tables in Excel

My first simple rendering of a single track using about 60 rectangle TOPs.
Link Clair De Lune by Debussy

Here is a rendering of Henry Mancini’s Pink Panther.
I still remember the opening credits of the old movie and thinking how cool and artful they were.
The style of music suits abstraction and colour.

Having learned some of the very basics of TD this visualization brings together some of the concepts I have been playing with.

  1. Using colour to represent pitch.
  2. Using size & form hardness to represent presence of the instrument in the mix.
  3. Using intensity to represent velocity.
  4. Creating mapping schema to articulate sounds.
  5. Attempting to express each instrument with a different schema.
  6. Attempting to organise the coloured notes on a 2D picture plane.

All limited to simple rectangle TOPs.
It doesn’t get close to the kind of imagery I think of when I hear the music, but its a step in the direction of it.

I much appreciate all the good material people have made available.
Most Especially Bileam Tschepe for his video tutorials.
Figuring out how to synchronise Midi and Audio thanks to “Factory Settings”.
PS - Best with headphones.