The new camera viewport render TOP

I think you guys might want to remove the render TOP from inside the camera viewport. It leads beginners on to believe they can just hook up their geometry within that component and it’ll just work.

In reality the geometry needs to be outside the component to work or it inherits it’s transform from the camera and breaks the component.

The right click menu is also very annoying as it has a habit of getting stuck on…it’d be nice if when you clicked away it just disappeared.

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Just want you to know… this comment saved my learning curve. Thank you kind stranger.

Thanks for the feedback. The internal render top was added so that the camera wouldn’t appear blank by default, but you’re not the first person to mention some confusion about putting geometry inside the camera and getting confused by the inherited transforms.

As a quick solution, I’ll add some comment nodes to the component to help explain things better and we’ll consider whether there is a better long term setup for the component.

We have fixed a few bugs with the right-click menu getting stuck before. In the current release, it does close automatically for me when you click away, but maybe I’m doing something differently.