Thinking about python code organization

Hello everyone,
I would like to ask about some approaches to python code organization - especially when it comes to modules / packages that doesn’t have to be connected to particular component (using TD extension system).

So far I have been mostly keeping such code within DATs, accessing them either using import or mod class. Since import works only on DATs that are in the same directory, I have been mostly using mod.

However I have started thinking whether it wouldn’t be nicer to just use standard python modules / packages saved on disk? One could easily add paths to PYTHONPATH env var and then import them anywhere in the project. This would mean I wouldn’t be able to actually see DATs of these packages within TD (as they would be organized differently - outside of TD), but maybe that isn’t that much of a problem after all.

What do you think about this? It isn’t really that special, but I wanted to ask if you might have some preferred approach in this area? Thanks! :slight_smile: