Thoughts on new Macbook Pro 16" release?

I just recently left my 2016 Macbook Pro for a MSI GS65 Stealth with the RTX2070 MaxQ but now seeing the new 16" MBPs with the new GPUs, I’m starting to regret it a bit after being an Apple user for 15+ years.

Wondering what everyone’s thoughts on the new release and other considerations with the mac/pc debate?

I was a Mac head for 15+ years too, so I feel ya.

Apple builds well constructed and thoughtful computers. No doubt about that. macOS is really slick for development, and all in all a joy to use. I don’t mind Windows 10 these days… it’s come a long way. I still prefer Finder to Explorer any day of the year though.

But despite all that, Apple GPUs have never really competed with PCs. They’re usually a few generations behind, with costs that are highway robbery. I think my Razerblade gives Apple a run for its money. Is it perfect? Nah, and neither are the MSIs/Gigabytes/etc. But they are better bang for the buck, solid designs, and for what we do (GPU-centric work), fall way more in line: at the end of the day, we’re technicians, not brand ambassadors, lol.

What made me rofl about the 16" 2019 mbp was the reintroduction of the escape key. “We listened to our developers, so we’re adding… the esc key. Back! Borderline revolutionary.”

It just doesn’t get more Apple than that, hahaha. /facepalm