Threaded Web COMP

Is this COMP still being developed?

Great idea but looks broken

testing in v2018.20100
TouchDesigner objects cannot be referenced from separate threads

Working on spec for an oauth2 TD client so keen to hear how people tackling auth nowadays.


just looked at the webCOMP as we are including now all the necessary libraries into TouchDesigner. A problem was probably that I was passing in a lot of parameters as myOp.par.Mypar which now causes an Thread error as it’s passing in the parameter objects instead of parameter values. Until a fixed version is published with a new release of TouchDesigner, you can change the extension DAT called Web inside webCOMP to reference all parameters as for example


instead of just



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Im looking for some method to use all of the realtime tweets that contain specified keyword as triggers to post my tweets. My automated tweets should contain a picture, rendered from TD and mentioning the account that have just tweeted the keyword.
By now I can post tweets with pictures from TD, but cant fully understand how the realtime stream is structured. Do all the tweets really make it to the stream on which the track function operates? Or they are somehow indexed and only high ranked can be tracked? When i track for the default “nasa” keyword from the we comp I get a lot of tweets coming in, I can extract their text and user names its all good. And any time I would post anything with “nasa” I would track my own post among others. But if i try to put replace my own keyword, like just some combination of letters to see if it will track my post with this letters combination - it wouldnt work. Thats why I thought twitter somehow indexes all realtime posts and track operates only on some higher ranked tweets. Is that the case?

Hi guys,
with the new authentication system of instagram and facebook is it possible to use this .tox ?
I can’t use it (with oAuth1-2 and token…)
No problem for Twitter.
Thanks !

Markus, thanks for that. I got dreaded “TouchDesigner objects cannot be referenced from separate threads.” error while using Asyncio library for posting web requests. I was referencing to a DAT cell in a script and didn’t realize, that unlike in expressions, I had to add “.val” at the and of cell address.