TIFF image read/write issues

I’m having a few issues with reading and writing TIFF images. Not sure if this is one bug or multiple related issues.

  • The Info panel for the Movie File Out TOP always shows 128x128 size, 8-bit fixed RGBA, and no thumbnail image. Not a big deal, but it’s weird.
  • The TIFF file written by Touch always includes alpha channel (RGBA) even when I set it to something else like 16-bit fixed (Mono) or 16-bit float (RGB). I would like to write a standard RGB file without alpha.
  • When I import the RGBA TIFF file written by Touch, the color looks wrong. This issue does not happen with RGB TIFF files created in other software, so I’m guessing this is related to the unnecessary alpha channel.

I’m using 2022 build 22650.
By the way, I would also like to write uncompressed TIFF instead of LZW.

Right now the .tiff writing is just hardcoded to always output RGBA files, and yeah we don’t have compression control exposed. These are missing features.

For the file that looks incorrect, can you send me a sample?