Tileable noise


Does anyone know any good techniques for making tileable animated noise? Can it be done with OPs and a bit of python or do I have to dive into the GLSL-world?

You can use the TileTOP to make everything tileable, costs resolution though.

TileTOP is less desirable because it would create a butterfly pattern at the border.

This might get you started github.com/DBraun/TouchDesigner … e_Tile.tox I forgot where I learned this trick to linearly interpolate between mirrored noise images. Try recreating it with Noise TOPs, a linear ramp and a Matte TOP.

I was hoping for a more robust solution like in this video by Coding Train for looping noise temporally: youtube.com/watch?v=ZI1dmHv3MeM

But that interpolating trick might be a good enough hack for now. Thank you.

I also found this thread:
gamedev.stackexchange.com/quest … rlin-noise
Maybe I’ll try to implement some of these methods somewhere in the future when I have gathered more experience in coding.