Timecode In to control main timeline

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I’ve seen a few solutions for controlling the index of a movie, or notch top with timecode, it’s pretty straight forward. Does anyone have an example of the correct way to take in Timecode as LTC and run either the main timeline or a container from that?

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The LTC In CHOP gives time in hours, minutes, seconds, frames, so you have to convert those channels to one number for, say seconds.

If you are using 30K Experimental, there is a new channel total_seconds in the LTC In CHOP that does that.

The Notch TOP has a Play Mode called Specify Index, where you can set it to Seconds and pass your LTC seconds to the Index parameter of the Notch TOP.

For fancier timing, the Timer COP is useful (see its snippets), and in 30K Experimental, you can control its time directly with a CHOP, like the total_seconds channel of the LTC In CHOP.

PS. I no longer drive the main timeline or component time externally. I’m using Timer CHOPs.

Thanks for this Greg.

the total frames in LTC In is super useful.

Luckily we’re just playing one piece back, but I’ll have to dive into the timer CHOP and the timebase tox to have a look at more complicated options moving forward.


so is it almost time to ditch the main timeline?
I don’t think anybody uses it for anything these days - I can’t remember when I’ve used it in a project in the last 5 years.

Did I hear a rumor correctly that you can hide the main timeline view in MacOS TD?