timecode.tox Time Code Converter

timecode.tox takes any counter and converts its value to time-code in a format like 2:43:54.33, which breaks it down to hours, minutes, seconds and hundredths of a second.

The timecode component outputs a DAT with the time code as strings, in several formats.

To test it, attach to any of the three inputs a counter. For example, put down a Constant CHOP and set its value to 1. Connect it to a Speed CHOP, then connect it to the third input (“seconds”) of the timecode component. You should see the timecode counting up.

NOTE that the Clock CHOP already outputs channels as hours, minutes, etc, but it is for the world time and not any general counter. Even so, timecode.tox can be used to format the channels of a Clock CHOP into a constant-width time-code string.

Download below…


This version is the same as the original but it’s a Void component and was output from TouchDesigner 077 Build 1440.
timecode.tox (2.02 KB)


This should be a default palette, no? So useful!

You can now get timecode directly into a DAT by placing a table DAT with 1 cell set to me.time.timecode and then appending an evaluate DAT to get it to evaluate.

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@Ennui How would you get an arbitrary time, such as a countdown for example, this way? I seem to only be able to get the lifespan of a dat that way.

@matijaerceg that should be giving you the timecode of the timeline…not the lifetime of the DAT

Hi all,

FYI, this tox freezes in perform mode on the 2021.13610 version, cheers, P