TimeComp deletes expression when play head reset

TD Version 2021.13610
I have a midiIn channel to toggle the play par on a TimeComp. It works fine until I press the play head reset button on the timelime, when I press the play head reset it deletes the expression from the midi null CHOP thats bound to the play par on the timeCOMP.


Is this a bug? I need to be able to use the play head reset function as I have the project sync’d with VCV rack/hardware. Ideally I’d like to have one button from my midi controller reset/start/stop both the TD timeline and reset clock/sequencers in VCV rack/hardware .I need to be able to start everything on cue together as I have keyframes controlling certain parameters over time.

I’m just learning python so it’d be great if there is a way to solve this with python.

Also do I need to reference the timeComp in the animationComp?

Example Files:
timecomp.toe (4.5 KB)

I’m also getting cook dependency warnings on my null from the midi, is this because thats being controlled from the same timeComp?