Timeline for mediaserver

I will have to use touchdesigner as a media server for a theater show using cues.
But I just can’t find an effective and stable way to create a timeline where I can insert my content.
The video contents will also be created on touchdesigner so I would need to insert the operators into the timeline and move them freely and switch them on through cues.

Do you have any advice?

Hi, to my knowledge such feature doesn’t exist premade in Touchdesigner.
You ve got all the tool to to build your own interface tho ( i ll agree it would be nice to have a an actual timeline/sequencer built in ). Nethertheless you can probably find .tox from other user doing what you want or part of it.

I myself have recently build a state machine that can work with a custom build sequencer that can for now, only trigger python command tha you can place along the state timeline. It s super early tho, but I planned to share this soon freely so that maybe it get improved by the people ^^


Relying on TD for a cue system is very cumbersome in my opinion. I wouldn’t use it for that purpose until it integrates such a feature if that is even an option in the future. If you need so, you would have to build it from scratch for the time being.

As far as i am concerned, i would use TD for content creation and use a dedicated software for the cues by integrating the TD project into a compatible cue software or publish the content to syphon/spout and drive TD using MIDI or OSC.

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