Timer with segments problem

Hey guys!

I’m trying to make a timeline where you can edit the beginning of a clip in realtime. I have all the clip info in a table that I use in as segments in a timer. When you are not editing the beginning or length of a clip it works pretty well but if you are moving the beginning of the clip the active channel associated with that clip does not always work well.

I’m attaching a file where you can check this behavior. The line moving around represents the playhead of the timer, the orange rectangle represents when the clip should be active and the magenta represents when the clip is actually active. the magenta rectangle should be visible only when the playhead is crossing the orange section but if you move the slider (to move the beginning of the clip) you can see that the rectangle disappears or it’s visible when it shouldn’t be.

Am I missing something? or maybe it’s like a bug in the timer?

Thanks in advance!
timerIssue.tox (3.08 KB)


I’ve removed the other cross-post as I think this is a user setup issue that can be described here:

The Timer CHOP does not support changing the begin time after it has begun a sequence.
In your case, the ‘active’ flag corresponds to the original time.
Changing it dynamically mid-process will have unexpected results.

You might consider other methods to implement your ‘active’ status more dynamically.

Hope this helps,