timerCHOP cook problem 32120

binding or referencing a parent customPar from a timerCHOP in 32120 from the length() par doesn’t update the child value. Can get around it by forcing a cook with a parexec.

Here’s an example in a clean session:
timerCook.tox (1.8 KB)

Hey @drmbt

Thanks for the report.

I was able to reproduce and logged this as an issue for a developer to look into it.


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I’m also noticing in some feedback loops, pulsing the feedback bound to a parent customPar does nothing if I’m in the same network, but once I exit the network it behaves as expected. I think there may be some other cook issues lurking in this build

The length() par issue will be fixed in the next release. Do you have a file we can reproduce the parameter pulse issue with?

yes. it was tricky figuring out what exact set of circumstances were causing this issue, as it seemingly was behaving fine in a clean project.

in this project, the pulse works fine if im not inside the feedback network (project1). The resetpulse works fine with no input going into the network. the resetpulse works fine with a default banana going into the network. but when i plugged my fullscreen content into the input, the pulse no longer works if I’m inside of the network.

This problem persists in 32660

feedbackPulse.toe (889.9 KB)