Timestamp over a track at a pre-determined moment

Hi everyone! I need an advice. I got an audio track, I need to get a Timestamp (pre-determined) at some certain points of the track. Then i need to print those timestamps to send data to an external software.

Ex: Audio track 3 mins long. I need timestamp at 00:50 and 01:40, then printing at those moments numbers (in a count CHOP i guess?), 0 is the beginning, at 00:50 it becomes 1, at 01:40 it becomes 2.

Suggestions about how can i do this? Thx to everyone will help

Hi Lorenzo,
welcome to the forum!

There are a few ways this could be approached. I have attached below an example on how I would resolve this

timer timestamps.toe (18.0 KB)

I think that the first thing to do is finding away to keep track of the audio file running time.
The branch of CHOPs generating from the timer CHOP deal with that.

The button “Reset Play” was primarily used for prototyping; it resets the audio file to the beginning.

The info CHOP brach of the network resets the timer and the counter counting the cumulative seconds when the audio file reaches the end of playback (the audio file in my example is set to repeat, but this might not be your case).

The table DAT ‘myTimeStamps’ is where you put your reference timestamps. Note that this information could come in TD via a csv file, text file, or google spreadsheet etc…
I have put some random timestamps there, change them up as you like.
The time stamp goes row by row, first column is minutes, the second column is seconds.

The Dat EXEC is were I compare the audio file running time to the reference timestamps. Any time the two are matching I write to the text DAT and FIFO DAT.
Adapt this python code to write to the appropriate output for your case scenario (i.e. OSC out, Touch out etc…).

I hope this helps!