Tiny typo in ‘Page Class’

Page Class

appendPar(name, Par=None, label=None, order=None, replace=True)→ [list of Pars]:

Create a parameter with attributes copied from an existing parameter. Returns the created parameter objects.

  • name - The name of the parameter. Built-in names can be used as they will be automatically adjusted to match proper custom name casing (begin with uppercase letter followed by lowercase letters and numbers only).
  • Par - (Keyword, Optional) The parameter to copy attributes from. If none specified, a default parameter created.
  • label - (Keyword, Optional) The displayed label of the parameter, default will use the name argument.
  • order - (Keyword, Optional) Specify the display order of the parameter, default is highest.
  • replace - (Keyword, Optional) By default, replaces parameter with fresh attributes. If False, it errors if the parameter already exists.

Par should be par

Thanks for report! Fixed