To control the rate of change at random

This file displays random numbers from 0 to 10.
What I’m curious.
I’d like to speed up the change in each number from 0 to 10 (Frequency)
It’s not working well with LFO.
How can I increase or decrease the rate of change here?

Hi @kijhome,

The rate of change can be adjusted via the value going into the Speed CHOP. Increasing or decreasing the value of the Constant CHOP in your network will alter the rate at which the numbers are looked up.
The values in the Constant CHOP can be anything, while the parameter interface only seems to support a range of 0-1 you can overdrive it with the value ladder or by typing the value into the parameter value field.

I hope I correctly understood your question. Please clarify if I’m totally off base.