TOE startup stuck at 100% until I do something on the desktop


I have two fairly hefty TOEs loading simultaneously in performance mode at startup on two separate computers (automated BIOS power up + automatic shutdown via Windows scheduler in a museum exhibition). Both project networks are identical but use different content (URLs, text files, video capture devices etc). Both projects can take several minutes to open staying stuck at 100% with scrolling dots but while one of them eventually finishes loading and starts the second one will remain in this state unless I do something like right-clicking on the taskbar and opening the task manager. I believe I’ve also been able to unlock it by doing other things as well (opening start menu etc.)

  • Is there a way to get some information about what exactly is happening while a TOE is loading? A log file containing load times of various OPs or media perhaps? Something similar to the Perform DAT but during load time.
  • Because of a problem with CEF in all 2019 builds I’m currently stuck running both projects under build 2018.28120. Was there a known TOE load/startup issue before the 2019 builds?
  • Both projects make extensive use of the Web Render TOP (around 20 pages get loaded in each project) and each one has it’s own cache directory where login credentials are saved. Could this be causing the long startup delays?
  • I haven’t tried loading with TouchPlayer yet. I’ll give this a try tomorrow.


Anything is possible with potential issues you pointed out. We can see where a .toe is stuck loading if you save a .dmp file out from the Windows Task Manager (or spindump on macOS). Send us a link to that file (.zipped) along with the exact build number and we can see where it’s working at the moment you saved the .dmp file. This may help narrow this down.


I was able to solve my problem by using TouchPlayer instead and staggering the activation of the multiple sources during startup through an Execute DAT and a Timer CHOP.