.toe .tox metadata tags

If Touch native files had built in metadata tags, such as version & build number, users wouldn’t have to remember to upload their build information when posting a file to the forum, because your forum would automatically know.

Windows recognises all sorts of metadata tags too, so it would be easy to sort all the Toe files on your computer by version/build number of the file.

Windows Explorer

  • view
  • details
  • right click on column header
  • More
    -we see here some good ones you could adopt, such as
    Description, File Version, Model, Program Name, etc etc

Of the many metadata tags windows already accepts, why not add one or two of these into every .toe, tox, similar to the aperture/camera information of a jpg, or the artist information of an mp3. You get the picture.


  • Easier Sorting of files on my computer,
  • Easier file/sharing browsing on the forums for noobs and helpers alike.
  • Easier to selectively update old files as new reverse compatibility issues arise
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This is an excellent idea. Would make life sooo much easier to ensure corresponding version/build numbers.

That makes sense. I’m in the middle of some longer term work on the file format, so I will keep that in mind.

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