Toggle Kantan projection surface visibility automatically


For a project I need to project on a surafce on stage which is not always at the same place and which position sometimes covers other area I would need to project on.
My first approach was to just feed a black or transparent texture when I dont use it, but even a transparent image appears as a black square on top of my other surfaces.

Then I decided to toggle visibility of this surface automatically, by changing the kantanMapper/project/tree table which holds the states and parameter of each kantan surfaces.

It works well to show and hide the surface in the kantan UI, but somehow the uv output is most of the time not updated, even though they are just 2 different renders of the same Geo comp.
The renders have different parameters and it seems that somehow the render of the uv is not cooking all the timeā€¦

Any tips or ideas of what I should change?
I hope my description is clear enough



Solved by refreshing the cache TOP before the out2 :+1: