TOP : 3 : / Not enough sources specified

Finally posting about an odd error I see pop up seemingly at random after I delete, change, modify, copy, paste etc a variety of unrelated nodes or python things in Touch:

I usually just ignore it, but it’s happening a bit more, and I’m curious as to what it’s about.

Maybe I have some long standing corruption in this toe file? (it’s evolved over years of Touch versions) or maybe there’s a bug somewhere?

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Possibly something is up with your root node. If you go to root, RMB in the network and select ‘open parent parameters’, so you see anything non-default about the root node’s parameters?
It should be a Base COMP btw.

Ah that’s a cool trick!
I was examining the root pars with a param DAT with everything turned on.

Nothing that I can see stands out?

The fact that it pegs it as a TOP error makes me think the ./out1 is suspect - but it’s there in a new TouchDesigner file as well.

I can not reproduce this on either of my machines. But what if you place an Out TOP called out1 at the root (and feed it with something like a constant). Does the error go away?

I’ll try that when it crops up again - I was somehow triggering this error frequently a week ago when I was dealing with some python extension issues. I wonder if it’s related to that somehow.