TOP-based button manager


Hello, I had trouble with managing 400+ buttons using a replicator COMP. I think it was heavy CPU load, maybe there was a smarter way to deal with it, but I wanted to try solving it using TOPs.

I’ve made this component, to handle any rectangular grid of buttons and output their values in TOP/CHOP/DAT format. Maybe you can make use of it as well!

I’ve also recorded a youtube tutorial to show how it works. Feel free to give it a try. :slight_smile:
Youtube Tutorial

TOP_Buttons.tox (3.2 KB)


Very clever use of the feedback TOP. Just be aware that when you first start up the file, the feedback TOP starts with a resolution of 256x256 (instead of your desired 10x10) and so the attached TOPto CHOP and CHOPto DATs will drag your computer down a hole. I would recommend removing those or leaving their viewers off as once you click your first button, the res drops to 10x10 and everything speeds up again.

If you’re looking for a quick way to make a grid of buttons, you could also check out the Table COMP (a type of panel COMP) that makes a grid of buttons based on a DAT input.

Nice job regardless, I’ve always wanted to find some more creative ways to use the feedback TOP…

Thanks for the heads up! Fixed to handle that resolution mismatch on startup. Also big thanks for informing me about the table. Thats probably what I should have used in the first place, and a big part of the reason I made this post! Was hoping someone knew of a simpler alternative haha