TOP Color channels in instancing

I am instancing a sphere with a TOP ramp with the help of a tutorial. the resolution of TOP is 10*10. And with instancing ON in Geo, i can choose which color channels (r,g,b) to manipulate the position.
When i convert TOP to Chop, there are 10 Channels of “r”, with samples number also 10. So there are 100 r values. So how in TD, the instances number are 10 ? If the r values are used to assign positions of instances there are 100 r values. May be a dumb question but i am totally confused, please help me to understand this, or suggest me any relevant tutorials/links?

Thank you

Use a shuffle chop to sequence your 10 r channels into 1 r channel with 100 samples

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When i instance with an object its coming 10 instances, I am confused whats the calculation/formula which make to create 10 instances, since there are more r values.

To determine the number of instances TD uses the „length“ of your reference CHOP, which is not the total number of samples but the number of samples in the (longest) channel

When you then assign CHOP data to instance attributes (e.g. position) you will select single channels (r0) from your CHOP, and that channel is 10 samples long and therefore matches your instance count

In a TOP it uses the total amount of pixels

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Thanks @Achim for the explanation