TOP Global Resolution Multiplier As A Python Variable [SOLVED]


I’m currently working on a TD control system that takes in multiple high resolution textures and distribute the rendering across several other TD instances (render nodes), each rendering only a part of the final raster.

One challenge I’m having is that, on the control TD instance (that’s not doing any actual outputting but only sending commands to the render nodes), I want to see the entire final raster, and have to halve the resolution of the source textures in order to meet frame rate - sort of like creating a proxy. A problem with using the “global TOP resolution multiplier” setting in the TD’s setting panel is that it breaks any existing operations I did based on pixel offsets… doing fractional offset works but being able to work and communicate using pixel units is a lot easier especially when working with clients…

It would be great if this global resolution multiplier is accessible via python and can be applied as a simple scalar (i.e. Translating X pixels would be: x * GLOBAL_RES_MULTIPLIER).

Searched through the python documentation and the forum and it doesn’t seem like it is accessible at the moment…

Try this:

multiplier = [0.25, 0.5, 1, 2][ui.preferences['tops.globalresize']]

Ohh! Totally missed that - thanks a lot Ivan!