Top to Chop -- RGBW

Is there a way to convert a TOP to RGBW(white)? Instead of just RGB or RGBA…

This would be for use with DMX lights that are 4in1 LEDs Red, Green, Blue, and White

Pixels to RGBW conversion is not available in the current Top To CHOP.

So you would have to make a CHOP network yourself to convert your rgb values to rgbw.
The clearest explained math to do this I found in the answer here: … esentation

I’d say this formula can be built with a network of some Math and Logic CHOPS.

Note that the answer, next to the correct formula to calculate RGBW, also speaks about a rough approximation where W should be equal to the lowest value of R, G and B. You could do this with a single Math CHOP, set to ‘Combine Channels’, minimum.

Thanks, here is what I have come up with… Still need to try it with the lights…

I wrote a shader that does this a little while ago.

it takes the RGB values from the input and uses the alpha channel on the output to carry the W value.

i tested the results by using an MA2 lighting console and comparing the color mixing results for an rgbw fixture.

RGB-RGBW.1.toe (4.57 KB)