TOP's lock sometimes doesn't work on ARM MacOS

TimerLock.toe (458.5 KB)
When TOP is locked, the icon changes to orange, but the data continues to be updated.
I have confirmed that this file works correctly on the same version of Windows (2022.25370) but not on the ARM version of MacOS (2022.25370 and 2022.24200).

LockSample.toe (416.8 KB)
However, it appears to work correctly in this very simple sample file.
I cannot determine what is going wrong, but since it worked correctly on Windows and not on Mac, I am thinking it is most likely a bug.

Thanks for the report. We’ve logged the issue and will take a look.

Hey, we’ve having no luck reproducing the issue. Are you able to still make it happen in the latest? If so, can you post a video of it so we can see what’s happening?