Touch designer startup stuck again

I’ve been trying to package some things up to handoff to a team of artists and so I’ve been trying to parameterize a show I performed for them in the past. The addition of a number of extension modified components seems to have caused a little bit of a problem when launching the show.toe file and so it just hangs at the splash screen for a while. Let me know if there’s anything I can do for the bug that’s causing this error touch crash · GitHub

Are you able to share your .toe file? It looks like it’s running python code, so possibly it’s entered an endless loop somehow.

hi @malcolm I just sent my files over to

I know I have a part of my system recursing through children of a comp, but it seems like it’s bounded and opens fine when I open just that .toe file. The issue comes when I use that component’s tox in a different network, and the initial import is fine, but re-opening the network when it’s been closed hangs.

if I try to open this file in 2022.32600 it crashes on startup. If I try on the latest build we have posted, 2022.33600 then it opens ok. Have you tried the newer build? However there are quite a few error on startup when using the 3 files you emailed me, so it’s possible I don’t have quite the same reproducible case as you do. Can you try in a directory with only those 3 files available?

Sure I can try to get my hands on a more recent version. Most of the school computers I’m using are still back in version 32660. Let me try to get you a more complete representation of the files.

I’m also working on some of the extension code today so it’s possible that a refactor will help things along too.