Touch Engine documentaton or API samples

I’m trying to build a desktop software by interrogating Touch Engine in it, but I CAN’T find any documentation about how to use it, please help me if you get any iea.

Best start is to read the doc page

There you’ll find links to Windows and MacOs versions:

And in that documentation you’ll also read:

The TouchEngine API is documented in the TouchEngine headers

I did read the docs and downloaded the Windows version, but still hard for me to get started without developing tutorial or demo

Did you already find the example project included, and did you succeed in compiling it?

yes I did, and still a bit confuse

Hi @zingshowba - the for the SDK goes into some depth - you will need to understand all the concepts there to work with TouchEngine.

The example shows all the basics, including configuring a TouchEngine instance and handling input and output. There’s quite a lot involved - configuration is in DocumentWindow::openWindow() and then per-frame work happens in DocumentWindow::update(), so I’d suggest adding breakpoints there and stepping through to see what happens. All graphics work happens in separate classes depending on the API (DX11 or DX12 - or OpenGL) which get called when needed by the DocumentWindow class.

If you have specific questions that aren’t covered by the README, then do let us know.

updates, I can do input and output with TE SDK now, but got some trouble when trying to read and change some param of the ops, for example, what should I do if I want to change the selected device of the video device in TOP,

Hey @zingshowba - great to hear you’re making progress.

The first step would be to expose the Video Device In TOPs device menu through a custom parameter on the component you’re loading into TouchEngine. You can add a custom menu parameter to the component and then use the menuSource parameter in the Component Editor to populate it from an OP inside your component (eg you might set it to op('./videodevin1').par.device). Then use an expression on the Video Device In TOP’s device parameter to use the value from the custom parameter on the component (eg parent().par.Device). Here’s a component to demonstrate - videodevin.tox (446 Bytes).

The second step is to decide how you want to control that through your own application - if you are exposing menus to the user, there’s a discussion of that in the README here.

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