Touch Engine Plugin for UE4 Arabic text in DATS


So I’m trying to pass arabic text via a DAT in unreal from touch designer.

All I get is question marks… I’ve got arabic 3d text working in Unreal when I just copy paste from TD to Unreal just cant get it working with DATS.

I have a plan B to render the text in TD and just send TOPS but wanted to check if it was something easy to fix…


Hey @technickirl

I’ve logged an issue in our issue tracker for a developer to look into it.

Text is passed without issues within TouchDesigner’s Engine COMP, so it looks like the issue is on the plugin’s end.




I was about to test with an engine comp so you’ve saved me some time!

Out of interest as a Plan C should sending Arabic via OSC work as far as you know?


The OSC standard in theory only supports ASCII text. I think on our side we treat it as UTF8, so that would work on our side, but it depends on what plugin you are using to send the OSC