Touch In TOP malfunction [between Windows 11 and 10]

Machine 1: Windows 11, 2021.38110
Machine 2: Windows 10, 2021.12380

Machine 1:
Touch Out works as expected.
Touch In displays black.

Machine 2:
Touch Out works as expected.
Touch In flickers or just displays the checkerboard.

  • Both are connected to Ethernet through the same Gigabit switch and share a Subnet Mask.
  • Both can ping one another and localhost.
  • IPs or names have been typed correctly.
  • All firewalls have been disabled on both.
  • Both PCs can successfully use Touch Out - Touch In in the same .toe on localhost.

Are there any known issues between 11 and 10? My typical Touch In / Touch Out system was working fine between two PCs with 10. This problem only began when getting a new PC with 11.

Thank you for any advice.

Due to the large changes with Vulkan, TouchIn/Out are not compatible between the 2021.10000 series and the 2021.30000 series. It’s unlikely this is a OS issue.

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@hnzlr Just to let you know, 2021.38110 is the first experimental build so its a completely new branch. It was also the first build of these experimental betas and there is already a new one available (2021.39010) with a few dozen bug fixes.
For a valid TouchIn/Out test, you could try the same builds on each machine, or the latest Official build 2021.16410 will work with 2021.12380. All builds from that branch are located here: Releases | Derivative

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