TouchDesigner 099 - Silent Install

Hi, I need to evaluate how the application TouchDesigner can be silently deploy on multiple computers. So I did a TouchDesigner099.2019.17550.exe “/qn REBOOT=ReallySuppress”. This works until I get to another popup asking me if I agree to the license terms and where I want to install the application. Does this happen because I’m doing my tests with the free version? Would I also get this popup if I was using a paid version?

Thanks in advance for your help!

not the answer you were asking for, but note you can also get a portable version of TD by doing TouchDesigner099.2019.17550.exe /extract which will unpack the installer, and you can run TD directly from the resulting .exe in that (randomly named) folder. So you could also copypasta the contents of that folder to multiple machines to give them all that portable version - although this is not an install in a sense that windows recognizes .toe files from now on. Also very useful if you want to run different versions on one machine.

Hey Guillaume,
have you tried running

TouchDesigner099.2019.17550.exe /quiet

With the UAC set to “Never Notify” this runs completely silent for me.