TouchDesigner 2019 Extreme: Basic Online Course

Early bird tickets are available till 23d of July here:

2 weeks, 3 day each, 4.5 hours per day
Screen recordings and Projects files will be available to download after every session.

On behalf of Licht Pfad Studio, we’re happy to announce that our updated course for aspiring media artists is already available. Due to the new release of TouchDesigner 099, which added a number of additional functions and exciting new opportunities to work with a more diverse toolset, we improved and broadened our educational and training programs to meet the needs of constantly growing TouchDesigner community.

New Beginner Course provides all the basics needed to get a fast track start on working with TouchDesigner. It would be suitable for students at all levels, regardless of whether they have any experience in programming or just started to explore this area.

Read full program and join course here: