Touchdesigner 28040 goes to crash with texture 3d using instances

The last version released (28040) goes to crash when a texture3d is passed as instance texture.


Hey @lucesintetica

I am not able to reproduce on my end can you confirm what is your GPU driver version and if you are missing some updates?


i’ve update now the drivers, but the problems is not fixed. here’s the dump recieved now doing the test.
TouchDesignerCrash.2022.28040.1.dmp (308.9 KB)

Hey @lucesintetica

I am still unable to reproduce.

Any chance you share a sample file with steps to reproduce? Maybe I am missing a setting that triggers the crash.


Do you mean something like the Translate parameters, or specifically using a 3D textures as part of the ‘Instance Textures’ parameter? Are you able to post a sample .toe?

a common 3d texture used in the instance texture. (sorry malcolm i’ve mess your reply)

(i work with nvidia 3090, and ryzen 5950x)

I’m unable to reproduce the issue unfortunately. If you are able to post a .toe file that will likely help us find the particular case you are running into.