TouchDesigner always hangs on exit close

I have a project comprised of 2 .toe files connected by several TouchIN Out CHOPs, DATs.

Whenever I close one .toe it consistently hangs requiring a force quit. (Not Responding)
Done a lot of searching but cannot find a solution.

I am wondering if the issue has something to do with open ports when using several TouchIn OUT CHOPs , DATS and if there was a way to gracefullly close all open ports when exiting the .toe?

Also if I am always having to force quit to exit can this lead to file corruption?

I am not using any TouchIn or TouchOut CHOPS but since the latest build I too constantly hang on exit, I do have a few OSCIn though. Its pretty frustrating, though as far as I know there shouldnt be a data corruption issue ( if you save before exit then the reload happens from a state before the hung process )