Touchdesigner and Immersive Display Pro

Has anyone worked both with Touchdesigner and Immersive Display Pro? I have desktop warping and blending configured in Immersive Display Pro. I also have an app in Touchdesigner, but I can’t make them work together. If I enable desktop warping (DMW) in Immersive Display Pro I and start Touchdesigner, I have nicely blended desktop and whole network inside Touchdesigner. But if I start my app in Touchplayer (or in performance mode) all blending is disabled. If I do not enable desktop warping and only do window warping (with should work with any DirectX app) it is still not warped. What is interesting, is that with window warping, starting screen of Touchplayer IS correctly warped. Here’s the photo:

Another strange thing is that blending work in on-commercial version, but not in commercial.

Maybe that is a way to start an app in commercial version same way as in non-commercial? I just can’t find right configuration in performance window.

As for now I know that problem is with vulcan backend. Vulcan backend displays black window instead of being warped, so my question now is there a way to force Touchdesigner to use directx or opengl? It seams that Touchdesigner is also using DirectX11.

Somehow it seems that non-commercial version is using DirectX and commercial license is using Vulcan.

Change the Open Size parameter of windowCOMP to Custom,Width or Height plus one pixel. For example, if the output is 1920 * 1080, you can set it to 1921 * 1080、1920 * 1081 or 1921 * 1081

We only have a Vulkan backend in TouchDesigner 2022. DirectX is initialized often for some of the interop with things such as Notch, Nvidia Flex and Flow etc. However all the main rendering is done in Vulkan, no matter what license you are using.

Thanks for reply. After extensive testing on 3 other computers it turns out that it is problem with this single PC. Turns out it suddenly stopped working with TD and Immersive Display. Sorry for all confusing posts.

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