TouchDesigner Controller to iPad

Hi all,

I wanted to know if there was any reliable way to have a custom interface for TD on your iPad? Of course, there’s the mirror display on Mac OS, but I haven’t seen anything besides TouchOSC custom interface sending control data to TD.

Thanks in advance!

Lemur comes to mind or Open Stage Control running in a browser.

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@alphamoonbase I’m thinking more if I built a custom interface and wanted to interact with that. Building a controller with the widget interface for example.

you can build custom interfaces with lemur and open stage control, just like TouchOSC.
TD does not run on an ipad so you’ll need external software tools like those three examples.

@nettoyeur I was think more in the vein of MIRA for Max/MSP. I understand TD can’t run on an iPad, but if there’s any way of mirroring the interface on an iPad. Essentially if I were to build a custom interface in TD with the widget system, or from COMPs, and wanted to interact with that directly.

Yeah so best comparison to MIRA in this case would be if Derivative made an iPad TouchDesigner remote control App. It does not exist I’m afraid.

You could also go web-based, this is a very interesting development using Rabbit control and a webpage for real time control: