TouchDesigner crashes when "Open as Seperate Window" to a second monitor


For some unknown reason, TD started to crash when I press “Open as Seperate Window” into a Window COMP and I choose my 2nd monitor as the target to create the window. If I select the primary monitor, it does not crash. Any help?

Thank you!


Could you send over the dmp file and CrashAutoSave toe file, if it created them?

@vassmal Do you have a MSI, ASUS, or Acer laptop? This is a known issue with the bloatware that comes installed on them, if you remove it the problem should go away. If you have one of these laptops search the forum for ‘bloatware’ and you’ll find tips of what to uninstall.

Second thing to do is make sure your graphic drivers are up to date.

I finally did a format to my PC (it was time) and the issue is fixed now. The big question-mark is that the problem started appearing suddenly, I did not change anything in the settings of my GPU or PC. I always use “Open as Separate Window” when I build a project, so I was using this all day and suddenly this crash started to happen. If this happens again I will send in this post. How can I get the dmp file and the CrashAutoSave toe file if this happens again, so I can send you?

Also, I have an Alienware (Dell) laptop with a RTX2070i Q-design GPU.

Same problem here. Started suddenly this morning without any changes on the settings. I am also on an alienware area 51m. Additionally, TD also freezes when I am double clicking and trying to open the ‘‘op create dialog’’, making td unsuable. Unfortunatly it doesn’t produce a CrashAutoSave toe file.
build 2020.23680

Update: I did a fresh install of windows and immidiatly installed TD. It was working fine, up until the point I started installing drivers. I am suspecting that alienware command center might be causing this . I just did a sencond windows install and Td is working again(fingers crossed) .

In this working case you ‘did not install alienware command center’ yet?

No I did not and everything seems to work fine until now

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Hi, I confirm it’s the alienware command center. I installed it, the crash appeared, I uninstalled, the crash disappeared.

I am having the same issue. I uninstalled Alienware Command Center and will try again, but my preference would be to have both installed in the future. Let us know when this is resolved! Thanks for the help.

I am having the same issue. I tried uninstall alienware command center but still have the issue.

It also freeze if I try to open a pop up menu on a secondary monitor.
It seems to be a problem to create a window COMP on a secondary monitor added to another instance of TD.

If I try to create the window on monitor 0 and move to it to monitor 1, it works.
If I try to create the window on perform mode on monitor 1, it works.
If I try to create the windows on “separate window” on monitor 1, it freeze.

I tried disabling completely internal chipset and force to NVIDIA card but didn’t fix it. I try the contrary to force everything on the chipset but didn’t fix it either.

Alienware Laptop M15, W10, Nvidia 2060 (driver up to date)
Sorry, no dmp file to share

Curious, usually Command Center has been the issue.

This might not be possible for you to test for us, but if you can… what happens if you use 2 external monitors and close your laptop monitor (ie run in clamshell mode). Any way you can connect 2 external outputs (monitors or projectors, whatever). I am wondering if the problem goes away and it works with 2 monitors when the internal GPU is out of the mix, this does point to the issue still being going from internal GPU to external. Although its not a solution, it would help us understand the situation.

For now I can’t do that test. As soon as I get the necessary monitors, I’ll tell you !

Thanks !